The Founding Fathers of University of Nigeria Nsukka faced the option of starting the university with any type of buildings or delaying the inception of the institution, until the original master plan were satisfactorily sorted out. The choice before them was not an easy one; many saw them as an unorthodox establishment trying to mimic what was on ground at Ibadan. In spite of the criticism they still nurtured the dream.

In April 1960, the ground breaking ceremony of the institution was held and the first buildings on campus were Russwuru buiding, Okpara and Balewa hall served as residence. The Security Department was created informally around this period. This came to be, when some leaders of the host communities where the university was sited, decided to guard this great institution which was their only hope for a wholistic emancipation and academic civility. To underscore their genuine interest, they initiated this plan without expecting any remuneration or wages. As at then, the guarding/securing of the university building materials were rotated among different family night guards.  The security department was later co-opted under Works Department. As the institution evolved, they decided to establish the security department to oversee the onerous task of securing people and property in the university community.

The first chief security officer (CSO) of the university was Mr. Ozue a retired police officer; the second in the sequence was Mr. Kenneth Ejekam who was also a retired police officer. Third was Mr. Onyekwere also ex- police officer. Fourth was Mr. Augustine Owali, Mr. Ejekam came back a second time as the fifth chief security officer.  The sixth CSO was Mr. kanu, seventh was Mr. Silas Ogbonna of blessed memory who died on seat. Sir Vincent Abugwu and Mr. Akubue, were eight and the ninth CSO. The tenth was Mr. Onah Christopher, who was the head for only a period of one year. The eleventh CSO was Mr. Geoffrey Akpu and Mr Vincent Abugwu who returned on a second missionary journey was the twelfth CSO. The thirteenth CSO was Mr. Ramanus Nwafor. The current Acting CSO is Mr Cyriacus Uzomma, who is a retired police officer. Our immense gratitude goes to the past and present men of the security department, who have contributed their quote in securing lives and property of this great institution, the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.